In this guide we want to collect helpful tools for you to use and to enhance your 3D prints quality. We started with our troubleshooting guide with more than 25 common and uncommon problems for 3D printer. Our video section contains a number of collaboration videos with Thomas Sanladerer about topics regarding 3D printer and filaments. We also includes Cheat sheets with print settings for common 3D printer that give you a good starting point to quickly find the perfect settings for your individual print.

Bad Overhangs

Blobs, Zits and Pimples
Clogged Nozzle

Curiling and rough corners

Dimensional accuracy

Filament grinding
First layer adhesion

Gaps between Infill and Outline
Gaps in thin walls
Inconsistent Extrusion
Layer seperation

Layer shift
Lines on the side of the print
Messy bridges
Missing layers
Not extruding at start of the print
Scars on top of the surface
Small features are not being printed

Stop extruding in the middle of the print
Stringing and Ozzing


Weak Infill