Deformations often occur at the tip or thin ends. The main reason for this problem is a too high temperature for the chosen filament. Parts of the object look like over extruded. The whole print looks melted. If the temperature is too high, the plastic can cake on the inner wall of the nozzle and block it. A good balance between enough temperature, speed and cooling is needed to get the plastic in the right shape.

Adjust the nozzle temperature

Our print looks like melted chocolate. The layers are not clear defined and partly felt over the other layer. In other cases, the plastic also can warp. Try to set the nozzle temperature down.

Part Cooling fan

The temperature for your chosen filament is too high but you need the temperature for this kind of object, then try to switch on your cooling fan and see if the problem is fixed.

Adjust the print speed

If you are printing with a very low speed, the plastic remains for a longer time in the nozzle and degrades. The melt flow rises and too much plastic comes out of the printer nozzle. Try to set the speed up or the temperature down.