Small features are not printed

When printing small features, it helps to print with a small nozzle for accuracy of details. A wall which is minor than the nozzle diameter may not be shown up in the slicing program and hence not printed. To print very detailed, adjust the hardware and the software.

Allow single extrusion wall

This option is for very thin parts which are lower in diameter than the nozzle. By avoiding this option small parts cannot be printed cause the nozzle has a wider extrusion width. This feature is only available in Simlify3D and can be found under “Edit Process Settings” by changing the “External Thin Wall Type”. The print will not get more detailed but assures that every small piece of an object will be detected by the slicer and printed.

Install a thinner nozzle

If parts of the print are thinner than the nozzle they cannot be printed in the right dimension or not very precisely. Installing a thinner nozzle can fix this problem.